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Articolo: 3 Little-Known Secrets To Making A Wildly Successful Career Change


There’s a wealth of advice out there about how to make a career change: focusing on your transferable skills, networking within your target industry, and looking for opportunities to pivot within your current company, for example.

You’ve likely heard all of that before.

What’s less often talked about is what’s going on in your head when you decide you’re ready for a 180 in your professional life. Career changes are really, really hard. And there’s likely to be false starts, dead ends, and self-doubt ahead. I know from experience—when I started my company, Likeable Media, I had no agency experience and zero background in running a business. But despite having a rather loud inner self-critic, I made the change—and ultimately I was able to build a multimillion-dollar business.

We all deserve a career we love, and I believe that you absolutely have the power to make it happen. You’ll just need a good amount of mental fortitude to get there.

To help you out, I’ve tapped into the advice of three women who are experts at making major shifts and achieving goals that feel unreachable. Read on for three valuable steps to get yourself in the headspace for making this career turnaround a reality.


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